Press/Commentaries/Blog Coverage

  • Chromatin States Dynamics in Human (Ernst et al, Nature 2011):
    Disease Risk Links to Gene Regulation - Science
    Epigenomic findings illuminate veiled variants - Broad Institute
    Computational Biology Group Offers Look at Human & Fly Genome Regulation - MIT CSAIL
    Charting Signs on the Genomic Highway - HHMI
    Genetic Variations Affect Control of the Genome - NIH Research Matters
    Chromatin States Get On the Map - Epigenie
    How do variants outside genes influence disease risk? - Genomes Unzipped
    ENCODE Chromatin state data offers nice insights. Take this and run with it. - Open Helix
    Highlighting Enhancers - Nature Methods
    Making sense of chromatin states - Nature Methods
    Genomics Reaches the Clinic: From Basic Discoveries to Clinical Impact - Cell
    Functional genomics: The changes that count - Nature
    Mapping and analysis of chromatin state dynamics in nine human cell types - Faculty of 1000

  • Chromatin States (Ernst and Kellis, Nature Biotech 2010):
    Epigenomics approach illuminates the dark corners of the genome - Broad Institute
    Trends in computational biology 2010 - Nature Biotech
    Making sense of chromatin states - Nature Methods

  • 29 mammals:
    Broad Institute scientists map 'dark matter' of genome - Boston Herald
    Dark matter of the genome revealed through analysis of 29 mammals - Broad Institute
    New High-res Map of Human Genome Unveilded - MIT CSAIL
    Functional genomics: The changes that count - Nature Comparison of 29 Mammalian Genomes Identifies Conserved Elements Spanning 4.2% of Genome - Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

  • modENCODE:
    Revealing the Dark Matter of the Genome - Science
    Model Organisms and Human Health - Science
    Genome 'census' reveals hidden riches - Nature News
    Molecular biology: A fly in the face of genomics Nature
    Functional genomics: The modENCODE guide to the genome - Nature Reviews Genetics
    What makes flies and worms tick - Nature Methods
    A modENCODE snapshot - Nature Biotech
    Model organisms up close - TheScientist
    Early Reports From the 'Dark Matter' of the Genome - Wired
    Scientists reveal how biological activity is regulated in fruit fly and roundworm genomes- NHGRI
    Learning From the Fruit Fly - CSAIL News
    Five Questions for Manolis Kellis - Broad Institute
    modENCODE Teams Report on Functional Features of Fruit Fly, Roundworm Genomes - GenomeWeb

  • Dynamic Regulatory Events Miner (DREM):
    ISMB 2007 Highlights - Nodalpoint
    Analyzing time series expression data - The Seven Stones
    in sillico network reconstruction - Pedro Beltrao
    A Computationally Rich World - The Link

  • Short Time-series Expression Miner (STEM):
    Short Time-series Expression Miner (STEM) - CMU Tech Transfer Annual Report (page 14)
    A Computationally Rich World - The Link